Expulsion From Paradise

by The Last Reign

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released September 3, 2016

Music written by Brian Platter
Lyrics written by Mike Marlinski
Artwork by Brian Platter of Six Shot Studios



all rights reserved


The Last Reign Buffalo, New York

Mike Marlinski- Vocals

Brian Platter- Guitar

Bill Spencer - Bass

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Track Name: Sacrilege
Stay with me
I'll be your new cancer
Born to be
Your deadliest wish
Nothing new here
Abused and torn
Tighten your last noose

Tell your lies
I'll be your guilty conscience
And realize
There's no one left to slaughter

No respect for vermin
There's nothing sacred about you

Flee with me, remember this night
Forgive me, an endless fight
Glory fades, but you won't fail
Hang me, dangle me in your place

Oxygen becomes the priority
As a soldier, your air comes at a stiff price
But they don't understand you, not like I do

Farewell, brave soul
I hope you live to torture again
I hope you become something greater
Something better than you were
Track Name: Renovatio
A total rebirth from the heart to the mind
A pale face against the burning winds
Ignited by a need for renewal
So much pain relived by the hollow of rule
An end, bittersweet
A beginning, of turmoil
Forced out from the womb
Ripped to shreds by exit wounds

You always knew what you had
Never thought you'd lose it
The collective ego clearing a path for the carcasses
(for the glorified apes)

The last best hope
Place faith in the universe
Place none in yourself
A legacy of failure

A cry, a plea of regret
Too late it's too late to grow a conscience
Too feeble, you're too feeble to maintain a warrior's stance

Bleed yourself dry till there's nothing left
a second chance you don't deserve beyond your last breath
Track Name: Calloused Remains
Take one last look, at the pain you've caused
If you're not dying, you're dead
And you're the foundation of mourning
Don't pretend to be my salvation

I can't protect you anymore
'Cause you're the master of my demons
I walk away from you
I cling only to what's true
I treasure my calloused remains

Your poisonous words
Your own people
If you're not dying you're dead
If you're not dying you're just dead
I walk away from you

Blood spills into my view
Part of this deluded construct
The only way out is through your parasitic consciousness

Death to the survivors
Leave no stone unturned

You'll be dead to me
In time, I'll move on
You'll be free of me
If you'd only let me go
Track Name: Enter the Masochist
So this was meant to be
Like a fire so cold, what was the point?
Never ending nightmares
Beheading reason to win the fight
What is this madness?
Who is the man behind the curtain
Losing footing, wasting time
I'll take a leap of faith

The masochist is always wrong and the world is always right
But even when the beast accepts, the hollow win the night (your darkness kills my light)

So this is how it ends
Like a waking dream, it ends bitterly
Never ending disease
Polluting passion to win the fight
What is this treachery? Are we even alive anymore?
Losing faith, wasting breath
I'll take my time

Pride comes with payment in blood
Men, women and children learn this every day

We are just leeches biding time
We are just lonely, lowly, thought infested blights
Track Name: Plight of the Lone Wolf
Wipe away your tears, this is not a place for fear
Run away and you'll, taste the steel that runs you through

Now you're stacking bodies high
A killer bred from failure
Terrified into tyranny
Born to be a killing machine

Fall into oblivion
If you're not up to the challenge

Kill or be killed, plight of the lone wolf, a fate for those without fear
Never surrender, a worthy contender, for you, death will never come

Stones cast from the peasant's palace
No direction, just plain rebellion
King of the mountain, seer of the sword
Bleed with the one who is left standing

I will hunt you, I will end you, no remorse...
I will be the one to claim you
You have no choice, but to sacrifice, your worthless life...
I will be the one to end you
Track Name: Final Decree
I gave a plague the best years of my life
So I could bleed and wither away

It's the story of me
It's the story of you

Human nature is insatiable
Genocide is imminent...

We hold the key within ourselves
This is my final decree
Will we survive our adolescence?
Or will we stand back and watch...
Our planet raped for all it's worth?

Are we the offspring of hatred?
Or the beginning of a better age?

We hold our future within ourselves
We are the ungrateful children of this realm
The poison in the veins of the world
When the last rain falls
I'll be by your side
And when the ignorant win
I'll call in the tide

Were we born to be lost children?
Is there nothing more?

I won't just stand there and watch you die
This is my final decree
Track Name: The Gray Agenda
Vanishing in the night
Pulled from the ice cold earth
Destroyed by an unseen terror and taken without a fight

No choice in this matter
Ripped apart from the inside
No choice within this cage
Ripped apart upon this table
All hope lost within the gray agenda
Weighed down and cast out
All fear shed within the gray agenda
Weighed down, cast out, the great experiment

Put to the test
Inhibitions eliminated
Once more under the knife
Once more exploited and anatomically reversed
Now scarred for life

Fear runs out, time runs out
No hope left now as the light draws near
Probes in place, it's hard to face
Sanity replaced by a control

You are the control
They are the variables
You are the control
Within the gray agenda
Track Name: We Will Walk Through Fire
This is the world on the brink of self destruction
You are the weak, on the verge of mass suicide

We will walk through fire
We will dance in the cosmos
In this age of reform
All are held accountable

Cleanse yourself
You don't have to follow
Treacherous footsteps
Become the solution

We are the chosen, the elite, a sentient calling
There is no choice but to lead, make new endings

If you wish to know true suffering, then be a host to ungrateful worlds...